What’s Your Bridal Gown Style?

Dec 19, 2016 | in Bridal Fashion, Bridal Tips

It can be hard to know what style of bridal gown will look best on you as most engaged women have never worn one before. This means there is no real point of reference in regards to fit, embellishments, train lengths, back closures, etc. While it is best to keep an open mind when trying on bridal gowns it can assist your stylist in helping you find your dream dress if you have an idea of what features you prefer. We have listed some of the main features to consider in a bridal gown below to help get the ball rolling.

Fitted or Floaty?

When deciding on the fit of your gown it is best to consider the impact you would like to make when your guests and groom first lay their eyes on you. Would you like to wow people with an elegant yet sexy silhouette or take their breath away in a princess style ball gown worthy of a fairy-tale romance? Deciding on the impact you would like to make can help narrow down your bridal gown style.

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Designer Details

You will want to consider the amount of detail you may like on your bridal gown. Some brides prefer a simple elegance, opting for plain crepe or silk gowns featuring minimal detail. If you’re a classic bride than you have probably dreamed of a lace wedding gown your whole life! Whether it be a lace bodice with a plain skirt or full lace from head to toe. If you want to sparkle on your big day than look for a gown with Swarovski crystal, sequin, Diamante and gemstone embellishments! We have gowns matching each of these descriptions so our friendly bridal stylists can help you explore each style!

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Back Closure

The back closure on a bridal gown can sometimes be a deal breaker for brides. The main closures you will find on a wedding dress are a lace up back or a button over zipper closure. Both have their advantages. A lace up back allows you to get the perfect fit by moulding the dress to your body and tightening the lace to accentuate the smallest parts of you. It is also a good option for women who fluctuate in size as the dress can be loosened or tightened using the lace. A button over zipper closer is a more streamlined look and takes less time to get into than a lace-up back. The buttons of a bridal gown can also be a nice design feature when made in crystal or pearl.


When you come to your bridal appointment with a style in mind it can be a great starting point! It is also a way to show your bridal stylist what you are attracted to in terms of bridal gowns and allows them to best assist you in finding your dream dress. However if your bridal gown style does change once you start trying them on don’t be disheartened, this actually happens quiet often! You will never truly know which style is best for you until you see it on your body. Click here to book a bridal gown appointment at one of our stores and let us help find your dream dress!


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