thankyouWe love seeing our beautiful bridal and bridesmaids at our  Casar boutiques and Brisbane showroom! We  love seeing our happy customers when they choose the perfect gown that makes them go WOW, I’m in Love!

I love to know that all the love and effort that has gone into Casar buying that particular designer gown and adding it to our collection was so worthwhile. Seeing tears of joy, smiles and laughter each one of our bride’s have over their chosen gown is such an exciting experience and each person makes that gown their own.

I love to see the excitement on the face of each Casar stylist  when our new range of stunning designer gowns arrive in store, fresh off the runway! I love to see how they delicately steam each dress and lovingly put  it  on the mannequin, just because it is their favourite and so that it will catch your eye, and you must try it. Every detail is thought about when we style our brides, from the gown to accessories, the veil and down to their matching jewelry to bring the whole look together, painting that magical picture for them for their big day is such a thrill!

We love helping fellow brides discover everything  a Casar store has to offer. Bridal gowns to Bridesmaids, to our very special hoops that walk with you and not against you, our beautiful selection of quality veils made of the finest tulle, to the exquisite handmade jewellery that has been  selected by Casar stylists to go with each beautifully crafted designer gown.  We love helping our Prom girls into their evening gowns and enjoy teaching them how to dress for their special occasions. We love our stores that do Casar Mens, the quality and thoughtfully selected suits that will are well crafted from the finest fabrics and then complemented with an excellent quality choice of shirts, vest , ties and accessories.

We love to see how Casar staff become so excited when you the bride decides upon your beautiful gown, that extra special excitement where they can select the most unique bridesmaids gowns to compliment the look and bring the special group together. You cannot understand but  that is what makes their choice of work so special.  They know how much attention goes into making Casar gowns different and personalised to each new bride to be.

Casar stylist’s not only help you into your dream gown, but show you how it can be the definition of you! Casar is about making sure each bride, bridesmaids or formal gown is special, this is something that cannot be found from a click of a button on the internet. We appreciate all of our customers that keep tradition alive by coming into one of our Casar store’s. Everyday is special and every new gown collection is part of the next chapter. You help make our day and for that we thank you.

Love, Casar



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