Single Bar Hoop

Single Bar Hoop is perfect for almost every gown. This style of hoop allows the hemline of your gown to hold it’s shape neatly, which also allows you to move around with ease and not feel as though your gown lining is going between your legs.
This size hoop is perfect for someone who doesn’t want any extra volume in their skirt. Made with Cotton and a drawstring waistband, it’s breathable and comfortable to wear.
Our hoops are specially designed with a “flexi” hoop or ring at the bottom hem which allows the hoop to move with the gown. Some cheaper styles often are made with a solid hoop which often creates a “bouncing” look as you walk and be hard to sit down in as the hoop doesn’t “sit with you”. Although this is something you don’t see it makes all the difference in having that perfect finish to your expensive bridal gown.
-Not sure if this hoop is for you? Give our Casar team a call and we will guide you.

Available to purchase in store or over the phone – $99.95 + (If requested, postage + $19.95)

– No refund or credit for change of mind.


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