Paige May Designs


After 15 years in the bridal industry, and as a hands-on co-owner of a number of bridal stores, I have always dreamt of creating gowns and a brand with you in mind.

Our Bridal gowns are vintage inspired, classic yet relevant to the modern bride. All of our gowns have been sampled in a selected store in Brisbane, where we are able to receive direct feedback from bridal consultants who work with these gowns with their brides before making the final decision on the range as we know which gowns will be great sellers.

After creating each collection I place it into a store, which allows me to work with each design and perfect it. I do this because I understand that all body shapes vary and comfort is just as much a part of selling a gown as design, cut and finishes. Gowns that are successful in-store, are then selected to be added to the growing range of Paige May Designs.

Paige May gowns are budget friendly styles without compromise on attention to detail. Paige May gowns range from approximately $999.95 Р$2600. Speak with your stylist today as we would love for you to fall in love with our collection xx


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