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Sep 17, 2013 | in Casar News
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So you’ve been invited to a wedding, in this day and age the style and theme of how the Bride and groom wish their guest to dress can vary on many lengths. Usually the individually designed invitation can give you hints and will hopefully state the look and feel they wish their guests to look at their wedding.

Too many of us that have been to endless weddings would usually dread the shopping of a new dress and the many thoughts of, what will the weather be like? Will we be in or outdoors? Am I clashing with the wedding colours? And what is formal exactly?

Here are few style tips to gather the perfect out for the day or night event. So first look at what they would like to guests to wear and then look at location.

There are usually three categories:

Formal: Usually men in black tie (tux) Ladies in floor length gowns.

Semi-Formal: Men in suits and Ladies in cocktail or tea-length style dresses. Usually quite tailored and chic.

Informal: Men in nice slacks and button up shirt and ladies can choose something a bit simpler. I always think of the location, you still want to be classic and not look sloppy. It’s still a wedding.

  • Choose a dress by a designer you often wear, you will feel more comfortable and will more than likely wear it again.
  • Accessories are a great way to mix up and change the look of an outfit. Belts, clutches and cocktail rings can be bought on a low cost but offer great value.
  • Often the bride will let you know what colours are allowed, sometimes black and white can be ruled out for guests along with the colours of the bridesmaids.
  • Always bring a jacket, despite the weather as this can often change. A classic black or neutral coat can look chic over your attire.
  • Shoes: Don’ts’:  Heels over 6inches (stripper heels), Ones that are uncomfortable, nobody wants to see your bare feet after five minutes unless you’re on the beach. Old or dirty/worn out shoes.
  • Do’s: A wedge or smaller heel, will look classier and your feet will thank-you later, A neutral or complimenting colour. There are so many great styles out there for all budgets. If you know you’re going to be on sand or in grass for the ceremony, carry some ballet flats or roll up thongs so you don’t sink into the ground, yet still look elegant.

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