How to Lace Up a Corset Wedding Dress

Sep 13, 2017 | in Bridal Fashion, Bridal Tips

There are a lot of wedding gowns in South Queensland that have the “corset back” on them. A corset is a silhouette’s best friend, it cinches in the waist, lifts the bust line and improves posture. When a wedding dress is properly laced, the wearer looks equally gorgeous coming and going. Because it’s a difficult task to lace up a corset back dress if you’re the person wearing it, this job requires an extra pair of hands. When you lace up a corset wedding dress, make sure the corset ribbon is even and flat, and the wearer feels secure but not squeezed into the dress.

Lacing up a corset dress takes time, but the end result is worth it. We have provided detailed instructions below to help you out!



Firstly, adjust the wedding dress so that the bodice sits on the torso as it should be worn — not too high or too low. Smooth out the modesty panel (the panel of fabric that sits behind the lacing to avoid exposing the wearer’s back). You may have to readjust the panel occasionally as you lace so that it doesn’t bunch under the lacing.


Find the center of the corset ribbon. Insert one end of the ribbon in the top left loop. Insert the other end into the top right loop, positioning the center of the ribbon at the center of the wearer’s back. You can insert the ribbon over the loop, in which case you’ll feed the ribbon inward toward the wedding dress, or under the loop, feeding out and away from the wedding dress. Both methods are recommended and both will look aesthetically pleasing, as long as you maintain the same technique for each loop.


Cross the left side of the ribbon over and insert it into the second loop on the right side. Cross the right portion of the ribbon and insert it into the second loop on the left side, so that the two lengths of ribbon make an “X.”


Cross and lace the new left ribbon into the next right loop and repeat with the right ribbon in the left loop. Continue lacing, keeping the ribbon flat and the modesty panel smooth against the wearer’s back.


Tighten the laces a little to secure the wedding dress in place and continue crossing and lacing until you reach the final loop.


Tighten the laces according to the wearer’s comfort, starting with the first “X.” Pull each side of the ribbon at the “X” equally until the dress feels snug (not too tight) against the wearer’s torso. Pull the ribbon again at the second “X” and continue until you reach the bottom of the corset.


Tie the two ends of the ribbon into a secure, tight bow. Tuck the bow into the bottom of the corset just below the last two loops if you prefer that it doesn’t show (our recommendation), or you can leave the bow visible. Adjust the bow so it is even and horizontal.


A lace up corset wedding gown will generally be a little more time consuming to do up on the big day, however the look when completed is stunning and can finish a wedding look off beautifully. If you would like to try on a lace-up back wedding gown for yourself then make and appointment with us today. Casar Elegance is located in Brisbane, South Queensland and has one of the largest selections of made-to-order designer bridal gowns.


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