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Aug 2, 2013 | in Wedding Ideas
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Often finding Bridesmaids dresses can be one of the hardest tasks when planning your wedding, getting the girls together, getting them to try dresses and then getting them to agree on colour and style, what a nightmare some may think. Not to stress here a few useful tips for making sure you and your bridesmaids are all happy.

Usually at the point of seeking bridesmaid’s gowns, the bride has already selected her Bridal gown, venue and has a good idea of what her theme and style is, well we are hoping

In this modern day anything can be done, you can choose multiple colours, patterns and styles which is great as I believe it’s better to have photographs of your lovely ladies in dresses that fit and flatter for beautiful memories.

Allow them to try different looks and let your consultant guide you, they are quite familiar with what style will suit what shape. With today’s modern options most gowns are re-wearable, they key is keeping it simple and easy to wear, this is great for any future events, like cocktail parties and the races it also keeps the look on the eye soft, you don’t want everything to be too busy.

I am loving the tea-length dresses that have been coming through this season, it’s elegant and stylish with lovely fabrics like peau de soie or dupioni, fluttery hemlines and tier layers bring charm and grace to the aisle and dance floor. There is nothing worse than a bridesmaid stretching her hemline down constantly, or fidgety because it is too tight or not tailored to her. Creating that versatility and individuality opens more options for you and your bridesmaids. Colour plays a major role in your theme and we are seeing some fantastic shades and hues emerging in weddings from vibrant tangerines to pistachio greens, mushroom pinks and champagnes with eclectic patterns.

Our stylist Melissa is always happy to help bring you look together, she loves to show you by adding a sash, broach or flower piece can jazz up the look and step away from typical “bridesmaids” faux pas. No puffy shoulders or taffeta disasters here!

By trying and purchasing bridesmaids dresses in our boutique, you know exactly what the colour looks like, the fabric feels like and how the style fits. As we know there are hundreds of online options, but do you really know what you’re getting? Although our gowns take 3months for delivery, it is best to be prepared and organised than stressing weeks before.

Pretty bridesmaids are Happy Bridesmaids. xox


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