Bridal Accessories

Bridal Accessories Brisbane

Casar Elegance has a stunning range of bridal accessories available to view and try on in our Brisbane city bridal showroom. Our range includes bridal belts, sashes, veils, headpieces, jewellery, bra insert cups and hoops.

Belts and Sashes

Our collection of bridal belts and sashes are fantastic for creating a flattering waistline or adding some extra sparkle to your bridal gown. We have belts with soft, floral details and beaded belts with pearlescent and/or silver accents. Our bridal belts and sashes come in a range of colours so they can be matched to the colour of your bridal gown. Our selection of bridal belts and sashes are available to view and try in store.


We absolutely love veils at Casar Elegance! They have a way of transforming a bridal gown and give that extra wow-factor to any bridal look. From simple raw edge shoulder length veils to two-tier cathedral length styles we have a wide variety to ensure you find a veil that perfectly complements your gown. During a bridal appointment with us you can ask your Style Consultant to pair the gowns you try with a veil to get a feel for the overall look. We keep stock of most of our veils however if we need to place a new order on a veil it can take 2 to 4 weeks to arrive. Please keep order times in mind when shopping for a veil.


The jewellery you wear on your wedding day should make you feel incredibly special! It should draw attention to your best features and complete your bridal look. Our bridal jewellery includes a stunning selection of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and tiaras. Visit us in store to view our full range of bridal jewellery.

Bra Cup Inserts

With some gowns it is impossible to wear a bra due to them having an open or sheer back. Furthermore, wearing a bra can affect the fit of your gown as most bridal gowns are made to be worn without a bra given they have their own built in boning and structure. This means the added thickness of a bra can make the dress sit differently to how it was designed. Bra cup inserts are recommended in bridal instead of wearing a bra. They are specifically designed to sit flush against the body, most often with built in structure and boning. Bra cup inserts will fill the cup shape of your gown and give an extra boost if needed. These can be purchased in store or over the phone from Casar Elegance.


We have a great selection of bridal hoops for any style of bridal gown. Wearing a hoop under your bridal gown will allow you to move around with ease and not feel as though your gown lining is going between your legs. Our hoops are specially designed with a “flexi” hoop or ring at the bottom hem which allows the hoop to move with the gown. Some cheaper styles often are made with a solid hoop which often creates a “bouncing” look as you walk and can be hard to sit down in as the hoop doesn’t “sit with you”. Although this is something you don’t see it makes all the difference in having that perfect finish to your expensive bridal gown.

Visit us in store to view our full range of bridal accessories.


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